Renting Home Depot Sod Cutter

If you are considering cutting your own sod, then it is best done with the use of some type of sod cutter. These cutters make the job much easier and they are very effective at cutting the sod at the right level and size.

Many people are often interested in these products, however the cost turns off some people as it is rather expensive and might only be used once. Typically a manual sod cutter costs around $200 and up, while the mechanical ones start in the thousands. It is for that reason why people often consider renting a sod cutter from places like Home Depot.

What Is The Cost To Rent a Sod Cutter From Home Depot?

The cost to rent a sod cutter from Home Depot will depend on the type of product available. It is best to check with the local store to see what sod cutting products are available.

Typically the manual so cutters can be rented daily from $20-50.

The motorized ones such as the Bluebird sod cutter will go from $90 a day.

Sod Cutter Rental Checklist

When renting a sod cutter always get the right instructions related to using the product safely. Employees should explain in detail the right way to use the motorized sod cutters and also what safety equipment is needed.

When using the Bluebird sod cutter, ensure that you use safety gloves and eye protection. The cutter should not be used on hills whose gradient is steeper than 35%.