Seed or Sod?

If you want a great looking lawn and you will be starting from scratch, many people often want to know which one is better, seed or sod. This is a question that depends on a wide range of factors. These will usually determine what option is best for you.

What Factors Determine Seed or Sod?

The Terrain – The terrain that you plan on having your lawn will often determine if you use seed or sod. It is best to know if it is shaded, the type of soil, if it is hilly and prone to erosion. All of this is important before you take the first step in creating your lawn.

Price – Price is an extremely important factor when it comes to the decision to sod or not to sod. Generally seeding is much cheaper than sod; however the labor is already worked out in sod as opposed to seed.

Time – time is also an important aspect of the decision to seed or sod. People who have the time should consider seeding, as it is very time intensive. People who are on a tight schedule should take the time to consider sod. This method is much quicker and the results are lighting fast.

Why Seed?

People often opt to seed their area as laying sod may be more difficult. It is also dependent on the individual’s budget and the timeframe in which they have to work with.

If an individual is going to be seeding or sodding, the preparation for the area is going to be the same. The only difference is the cost related to the use of seed compared to sod. In seeding there are many different types of mixes that can be used, to get the desired grass that you want. There is less labor involved with seeding, compared to sod.

It is recommended that if an individual is going to seed, that you purchase only quality certified seed.

Advantages of Seed

  1. Cheaper than sod
  2. Less labor needed
  3. Bigger selection
  4. Easy to apply
  5. Completing the job takes less time
  6. Depending on the terrain, might be easier.

Disadvantages of Seed

  1. Takes a longer time than sod
  2. Possibility of erosion
  3. Areas may need to be reseeded
  4. The area may be unusable for some time
  5. Time needs to be take to control weeds
  6. Constant watering.

Why Sod?

People will often choose to use sod when it is more feasible than seeding an area. This may be in regards to needing a new lawn laid down as soon as possible. New sod can be used 2-3 weeks after installation compared to the much longer time needed with sodding. With seeding there is the possibility of problems such as seeds failing to germinate.

With the use of sod, people will not have to worry about weeds, something that is very common with seeding. The quality will not be a problem as they can see what they are buying compared to seeds.

Sodding is a very expensive venture and this is where seeding wins out.

Advantages of Sod

1.      Immediate laid lawn

2.      Can be established at anytime

3.      People can view the finished product right away

4.      Can be used in 2-3 weeks

5.      No weeds to contend with

Disadvantages of Sod

1.       Costly

2.       Possibility of not rooting