Quail Kick Type Sod Cutter

The Quail sod cutter is manual kick-type cutter that is able to remove sod removes sod for patios, gardens and landscaping. U.S.A. Application: Cutter/Edger, Engine: Manual Kick

What are Kick Type Sod Cutters
Kick type sod cutters are often used to cut out and remove sod. Many times these cutters are often not found in stores; however most hardware stores often rent them. The sod cutter is similar to a shovel and it is very effective at removing sod from an area.

The kick sod cutter makes the removal of sod very easy. All you do is place the cutter into the sod and kick it. As you go through the sod, it is torn from the ground from the roots. This newly cut sod can be rolled up for future use.

Using a Sod Cutter

Using a sod cutter is very easy. Kick type sod cutters are manual and all you need to do is place it on the sod and kick it. Once it is inside, then you can move forward, removing the sod from the root. This is not difficult and you should be able to remove sod quickly and efficiently.

Quail Kick Type Sod Cutter

The Quail Kick Type Sod Cutter is the perfect tool to remove sod. It is very easy to use and it will cut and remove sod without any problems. It is relatively cheap and it is one of the best Kick Type sod cutters available.

Quail Sod Cutter Features

  • Manual sod cutter
  • Cuts even 12″ strips of sod
  • Comes with a roller made of all-steel
  • Adjustable steel blade
  • Heat treated blade
  • Individually constructed
  • Varnished hardwood handles
  • Easy-to-handle 26 lbs.
  • Uses no gasoline or oil
  • Easy movements from job to job
  • Perfect for landscapers and homeowners.