Do You Need Fresh Top Soil When Laying Down New Sod

Many people enjoy the look that a new lawn is able to provide to their household. This can often be accomplished by laying down fresh new sod. People who do this themselves often want to know if they are putting down new sod, do they need to have a fresh layer of top soil?

That question is answered by no necessarily. New top soil does not need to be added if the sod already has a good amount of dirt on it already. There are many different factors that go into answering the question about needing top soil when laying new sod. Factors such as the type of sod, the condition of the treated area, if the sod was cut on that particular day, if the sod is dry and many more, all determine if top soil is needed.

Generally speaking the area will not need top soil. The most important thing to note is that the sod has enough water as this will allow the sod roots to spread quickly. If the sod is watered correctly, then the roots of the sod will spread and take root in the soil.