Kick Type Sod Cutter

Kick type sod cutter is a manual device that is used to cut and move sod. These special types of cutters make cutting out sod that much easier.

The kick type sod cutter is similar to a plow with a built in shovel. It is a mechanical device that uses no oil or gasoline. It comes with a heat treated adjustable blade that makes it very effective at cutting sod.

The kick type sod cutter works by the person placing it at the area where they want to remove the grass. The blade is placed at the spot where the cutting will begin. There is an option to adjust the blade to the height that you want it to cut. The whole objective of the kick type sod cutter is to get the top layer of the grass, as well as the roots.

The blade is pressed into the soil and you move forward once that is done. You will continually have to kick the blade for it to cut the region that you have marked out. It is very labor intensive and it is not easy to use.

The end result is that you will get perfect sod if done properly. This is a great product to use if you are trying to get perfect cut  sod, without the use of an expensive mechanical sod cutter.

Kick Type Sod Cutter Price

These products are very expensive and they are rarely found in stores. Large home & garden stores like Home Depot won’t carry the product and you will have to possibly do some research or look online to locate the product.

The kick type sod cutter is priced anywhere from $200+. It is a specialty tool and it is priced like that. This is definitely not a product that someone will purchase only to use once. It is a good investment for people who have a landscaping business or will be planning on using it more than once. For the individual who only wants to use the product once, they can look into rental. Many tool rental places carry it and the prices will vary depending on the region that you are in. This is a good option for individuals who need the use of a manual sod cutter, however do not have the money to make a big purchase.