Sod Weed Control

Laying a new lawn is always good, this can be done effectively through the use of sod. However one thing that people have to contend with if they go this way is sod weeds. Controlling sod weeds can be difficult, but it can also be done under control if done properly. The first thing that should be done is ensure that the site where the sod is going to be laid is prepared properly. Once the sod is laid, make sure it is watered and fertilized properly. These are two important steps to make sure you do not get sod weeds.

In places that have shade, it might be a problem to keep the density of the sod up. When this occurs, there is the possibility for weeds to appear. Depending on the amount of weeds, people have the option of pulling the weeds out themselves, or using chemicals to destroy these products.

If you are using a chemical, it is very important to know about the different ones which will be purchased. Herbicides are chemicals that are known to be used to kill weeds. Herbicides often fall into two categories, which are preemergent or postemergent.  Preemergent herbicides that have the ability to kill weeds as they germinate. Postemergent herbicides have the ability to kill weeds after they have germinated.

When it comes to sound weeds, it is very important to act quickly. If the weeds germinate and grow out of control, it will become much more difficult to get rid of them. Even though postemergent herbicides can be used, it is more effective to control sod weeds using preemergent herbicides.

Sod Weed Control

  • The area where the newly laid sod will go, should be watered as a way to germinate the existing weeds
  • Once the weeds germinate, then they should be destroyed using a herbicide.
  • The dead lawn and weeds should be removed.
  • This should be repeated as a way to ensure that the weeds are all gone.